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Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Writer Makes Debut! Top Websites Of All Time!

BEST WEBSITES EVER (Not named FlyFox Productions)

Well here it is. I’m dusting off my old typewriter (2 year old laptop) and I am writing my first article since retiring from my one year in hell at the local high school newspaper. Honestly I don’t know why I didn’t leave after the first semester. It must have been the easy D that old goat gave me….. Or maybe it was the girl sitting two rows over with the orange shirt and glasses. Well anyhoo I should get back to the process at hand: Giving out some of my favorite websites to visit around the web.

What’s so great? Cracked is a comedy website that puts out a least 3 new articles a day and has hundreds more of them archived for your viewing pleasure. The staple of CRACKED is what they call List-based humor. OR what I call the most amazingly funny lists of random, strange, and generally awesome topics known to man. Some of my favorite are: 7 Man-Made Substances That Laugh in the Face of Physics, 5 Real life soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like A P***Y, and 6 Insane Fan Theories That Actually Make Great Movies Better. The most amazing thing is that most of their facts seem to check out. Well they at least hold up to my Wikipedia viewings on the topic. Which also led me to discovery that CRACKED was at one point an actual, legitimate magazine for a LONG time. It formed in 1958 and finally died in 2007 leaving behind a fully realized website in its place. Yes I do love me the list based humor which somewhat leads me to my next site
VISIT: Daily

What’s so great? Top Tenz is another list site. Only this one is not geared towards humor but my other love…. Random Facts and Stories. Who knew that LEX LUTHER was more of a villain than The JOKER or that the baseball cap is the Numero Uno hat. NOT ME that’s for sure. I mean I always kind of suspected these things but to have someone verify them is beyond wonderful. It’s simply amazing. Now some problems that I do have with this site are the lack occasional lack of new lists and the sometimes boring topics. However there is a very broad selection of topics and the archives are very deep so do some digging and enjoy some of the best the net has to offer.
VISIT: Weekly

3. Yahoo.Sports.com
What’s so great? Yahoo sports is wonderful I can check scores, read articles and listen to sports all from the comfort of my computer. The site, unlike thE Sports Page you Now use, loads very quickly and is very easy to navigate. With very few pay to enjoy features it is nice to come across a place serving the top shelf stuff for free once in a while. I’m always looking at News from the NFL, NBA, College, and UFC. I have no real complaints about this site other than that it is hard to find college softball even though the World Series is going on. I mean I get it during the season but come on it’s the PLAYOFFS for crying out loud. With loads of stories and news and a wonderful fantasy component, all I have to say is. If you like sports you will like Yahoo Sports.

Well that wraps it up for today’s edition of …….. ummm……… unnamed column by me:
If you tell me what your favorite sites are I might just review them.

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