About Fly Fox Productions

Fly Fox Productions is an independent video and film production company. Fly Fox Productions has in the past produced the series "Movie Monday" and "Hardcore Shultz Reviews Hardcore Things!" and is now producing various videos including a series detailing various aspects of the history of the Walt Disney Film Company as well as various videos on films, video games and books. Fly Fox Productions.com also features movie reviews and other various commentaries from its featured writers.

Mission Statement:
Fly Fox Productions strives to comunicate a consistent Christian worldview through its original productions and analysis of popular culture.

The owners and contributors to this website operate from a Christian perspective. For a detailed  resource to understand that perspective read the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. http://www.arbca.com/1689-confession

To contact me shoot an email over to flyfoxpro(at)gmail.com or on twitter at @D_Shultz