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Sunday, May 10, 2009

La Vita Bella


A Life is a thing of beauty, the ultimate sculpture, the most exquisite painting. Life is Loved so much by it's artist that he was willing to give up his very life to save it. The Movie Bella is about this art and the need to preserve it and to keep it safe from those that would have it destroyed before it is even seen.

Bella won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival, because deep down in their hearts everyone knows how they feel inside.

Bella, is a good film, it isn't a classic, but it shows a truth, it shows what choices people have in their life, whether to continue a life that is self serving, or to realize that just helping others can be infinitely more rewarding. It shows the everyday, not a melodramatic representation of something but perhaps, just maybe what life is like for some. The heartache that comes with a tragedy, and the sorrow and pain that comes with the choices that we make and the circumstances that we are in.

The film keeps its camera in tight using this to show us the turmoil and pain its characters are feeling, it only comes out to show us them at times of peace.It hovers around them which involves us with the characters, as if we too might be there experiencing these things with them. The Truth is I have cried at lesser movies and not shed a tear for better, but the thing this film did do was entertain, and more importantly teach, one that people that rush to judgement often overlook the pain that others have, and two that all people have inside them a burning desire to do what is right.

Bella rated PG-13 (but suitable for most ages using discrestion):
***1/2 out of ***** Because of an impeccable message.

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