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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Super Bowl Whiners and Winners.

This article is the debut article for our new writer Matthew Shultz

The 2017 Super Bowl
By Matthew Shultz

Our country has always loved upsets. During our early years, we faced the most powerful military that the world had ever seen. The British Empire spanned the entire globe with seemingly limitless resources. Despite this, however, the American people rose up and did the impossible. In 1941 the Americans once again declared war on an unstoppable force, the axis forces of Germany, Japan and Italy. Through determination and God’s will, we won again. Despite our victory, we were left with a daunting task, to lead the world. Never had so much power resided in the hands of so few. With rapidly evolving technology, the ability to control many has become a nightmare seen only by science-fiction writers.